Installation, automation and maintenance

The machine installation is followed by automation of production processes, which may include:

  • Remote monitoring, management and inspection of the production process
  • Access to all data at any given moment
  • Immediate position of errors
  • Ensuring timely activation
  • Measuring quantities in the production process
  • Acquisition and storing of data on various computer systems

Aided by the following tools:

  • EPLAN is used to plan the design of the electrical schematic
  • iFix is used to control and visualize production processes
  • Oracle SQL Server handles the databases
  • Crystal Reports are used to compile reports
  • Siemens Simatic equipment is used to control the particular production processes
  • Borland C++ Builder

Characteristics of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry and its focus on product quality and safety for consumers.

In such an environment, the maintenance system supports maintaining the necessary standards. Hence, Nicro is continually at disposal to its clients who can always rely on 24/7 support.